100yrs to fix #Salisbury roads. How many to fix care services?

Marbled white butterflies enjoying the intentional wild grass area on the steep bank of Harlequins park, Bemerton managed by Salisbury City Council and the view looking out towards Salisbury Race Plain with Bemerton Heath Harlequins Football Club to the right.

It’s the time of year that grass cutting becomes the topical issue, but Wiltshire Council is wheedling its way out of managing this growth problem.

Wiltshire Council like all local authorities is restricted by Government for how much overall funding they have. The current Government is doing nothing to recognise that there are other growing problems.

For example, on the basis of current road resurfacing repairs it would take 100 years to redo Wiltshire’s roads without taking into account the exponential increase in deterioration over time.

I am not sure how many of those years it would take to get the potholes filled, but the current “Wiltshire Council it’s acceptable levels of delamination” continues to put road users at risk, especially those on two wheels or pedestrians at risk of twisting their ankle upon crossing a road or walking on roads without pavements.

Social care services are continually placed under pressure as the Government wants provision to be supplied to an ever growing number of people without increasing investment proportionately.

Carers are expected to dash from to home to home to give a handful of minutes of care to our most vulnerable residents. With all Local Authorities facing the dire consequences of not being able to provide these essential services the Conservatives have given a financial sticking plaster that only allows Wiltshire Council to continue to struggle with further cuts on the horizon in the next year or so. This would not seem so bad if it were not for the fact that we also have a massive bed blockers problem, people who no longer need to be in hospital but who cannot be discharged without a suitable care package put in place.

I have had the privilege of meeting many in care homes and whilst those receiving care know they are valued by their carers, the Conservatives seem to not value the hard working staff who are often on low hours or zero hours contracts and minimal wages. It is therefore no wonder that staff retention and recruitment is challenging and that so many staff are recruited from abroad.

There is a massive difference between saving money and failing to provide services. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and if you are happy with having an ever deteriorating level of services then so be it, but to make things worse in my community is not what I got into politics for.

We should all believe in attaining a brighter future.


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